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Time Attednance Devices

Hudoor offers a web based time and attendance software that makes it easy to manage time and attendance data so you can process payroll accurately and ensure labor compliance for all employee types.
Hudoor - Attendace Traking System Windows, Mac, IOS, Android BusinessApplication Productivity, Business, Attendance
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Our Clients

Our clients are the foundation upon which we measure our success, the more their number more we force and widespread, and this in mind we are working hard to create a sustainable relationship between us and our customers, a relationship built on strong foundations of honesty, transparency and clarity. We are always keen on the smallest details, and that will make the difference. Whether you are an individual, organization or company, just trust that you will enjoy the same level of quality always, whatever the size of your project big or small it is important for us to work must meet all the basic standards in the performance of work, without any delay or default. We are always at your service.